Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm back with lots of things to write about work!

back to blogging. wahahaha!

I've stop blogging for more than 3 months. :!
why i stop blogging?
Let me tell u in this whole long story but interesting experience that i get in my life! there are ups and downs and downs and downs and downs and even more downs. =D

It starts with, when i start my work, i have cut out a lot of things from my life.
i cut out drama series (TVB and english), i cut out games (online or offline), i even cut out going out!
why do i cut out all those? it is entertainment, man! yes it is entertainment, but i do not have time to do all those anymore. i work and work and work.i spend all my energy in work and i got no energy left for entertainment. i straight go home, sometimes skip dinner and shower and collapse on my bed until the next day.

when i started working in an animation company, i was happy bcoz i prove to my parents that job is not hard to find and i will be able to get myself used to the new life. So, i work and learn everything from my senior as much and as fast as possible so that i can improve myself on that field. My senior give me a big shocked bcoz he told me that he will be leaving the company in 2 weeks time O_O. so, i need to learn as fast as possible from him as i will be the person that will replace him. (very pressure)

after he left the company, i am the new IT guy there and the old staff actually doesn't like me replacing his job bcoz they do not know my capabilities. So, i have to prove to them that i am not useless and solve every computer problem that they have in the shortest time. luck is on my side, i manage to do it and i prove to them that what i do, they do not know how to do it and they started to accept me as the new IT guy. (i know there is still a person who doesn't like me until now :!)

on the 2nd month, the company gets me a little help. they seems to like me and they hired me an assistant =D he is a fresh grad like me =D i am happy that i have an assistant. i tried to teach him everything that i know but it seems like he have no interest on learning it or maybe he knows that i am younger than him so that he doesn't want to listen to me. he told me that he did not expect to do this kind of job, so he leave after his contract ends. in that 1 month, he's been sick for 2 times in 2 different days because me and him has been working late until midnight for about 2-3 weeks straight. maybe that is one of the reason he quits too.

there are a few things that i really don't like about this assistant. (for those who know who am i talking, and for those who like him, please stop reading) 1: He is a forgetful person, i teach him a lot of things, but he seems to be only remember 10% of what i teach him. i asked him to write down on a book or paper so that he can refer back to it if he needs it. he did write down, but he lost the paper =.=" 2: Abusing Admin account and server login. little problem that he encountered, he will use administration account and also loging in the server to check the problem as the problem is not actually from the admin side =.=" 3: A lot of mistakes. he did a lot of mistakes in every task that i give and i have to clean his mess a lot of time so that both of us will not get scold by boss. and he did not double check his work! 4: he is always on the phone. every single hour, his gf will always call him to talk to him as like he is a baby boy that is just born. sometimes when i need him, i couldnt find him =.=" 5: irresponsible. when the time that there are a lot of things to do, he ditch me and left the office! he did not let me know that he leave. sometimes he said that "oh! i have a date i must go back on time today" or "i have promised my friends that today i will meet them to hang out" WTF is that =.=" anyway, i treat it as an experience and next time i will know how to deal with this kind of person. Good Luck for him in another company. He must change in order to get promoted. This is what i want to tell him as his superior.

3rd month! an interesting month of all! wahahahaha!
the company is having a big change! we will get what we want on most of the things. but i am still not satisfied bcoz there is 1 more important thing that is still haven't change. the thing is, get the GM out from the production studio. if she wants, she must ask for our decision before talking to the client. and no more crazy due dates! hey! i have a life and i am not married to the company! still working on it. and we all complained to the CEO of the company and lets see how it goes. it is a crazy few months and i really learn a lot from this company (good and bad).

for those who dislike me, i wont do anything about it as u will know and will acknowledge what i do and what i am capable of doing it. u dont like me bcoz u dont know what i do.

i've been working for so hard and pushing myself to the limits for so many months. i finally get sick last week. luckily i recover fast and will be in top form in no time!

i need to start balance things out for my life. i need to spend time with my family, some entertainment and watch some movies so that i wont waste my life only on working. i notice that i have become more and more like a robot. i got no life at all. now i am searching back my life! how to search? i need someone to guide me on this. hehehe.

i'll write more when i have the time. see ya when i see ya. =D
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