Sunday, March 2, 2008

Most Freaking Tiring Days Of My Life!

The day Starts when I start being a Moderator for National Olympic Academy of Malaysia (NOA). The NOA session starts 19th Feburary and ends on 23rd Feburary 2008.
Everyday, I do not get a good sleep and I slept for only 2 - 3 hours per day only.

After the NOA session, which is on the 24th, guess what? It is Nomination day in Malaysia. I have to wake up early again and join the opposition to record the Nomination event(should I say event?). After that, I have to start helping the Opposition party as a volunteer.

I will be helping until the 8th of March 2008. Which is the day of truth. The Polling Day. And i will be the Polling agent and also the counter for the opposition side. 1st time doing it... Kinda cool.

Now, I do everything, from folding newsletter, clipping flags, tie strings, check people's polling school, receiving calls, and a lot more. But there is 1 thing that I cant do. Which is receiving calls from a Mandarin Spoken Dude. When that happens, what i know is... "Deng yi sia ah" *Close the phone mouth* "I Need Help On Mandarin Spoken Dude!" *Happily pass the phone to the other person and wait for another call =P*

Actually I wanted to do a flash animation on the election, but I do not have the time now. So, that's it... Got to go now...

P/S: Lets see how long my body can stand the stress of the work that I have since 19th Feb - 8th March. Might be sleeping for 20 hours on the 9th March... kekeke.

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Monk said...

dei, don't strain ur body and mind too much. If u don't have enough sleep, it will affect ur thinking...
Which polling center u will be at..

I will make a vote a smk taman miharja :)....

cannot help as volunteer. It is a university rule that a student cannot involve in politic

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