Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Today in Rocket Fish Studios, we have to draw our own Yoda and we are given 1 voice clip to synchronize the moves that u wanted.

so this is what i have done.
Note: i cant take the .fla / .swf file home because we cant take things back to do unless with the trainers permission. So, i took a video of my work to post here... =P

the whole video is done by flash...
i draw my own yoda... impressive? ^^ and the Light Saber looks cool in original /swf file. but this sucks...


Monk said...

I don't know what is trying to say. The sound is not clear enough for me... Ya dei, u just do ur own animation... U can now make ur own anime now , can you?

Sebastian Chan said...

Yoda said...
"No, try not.
Do, or do not.
There is no try."

that is actually not animation, it is just 3 graphics with sound synchronization.

but i think after this week, we can have animation in this blog.
So, stay tune.

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