Saturday, January 19, 2008

Why so long never post in blog geh?

As what the title said... I've been busy lately. need to clean the house, re-paint the house and under training by Rocket Fish Studios.

It's been 2 weeks that i have been training in Rocket Fish Studios and seriously, i have learned a lot of things about animation, drawings, storyboarding, camera shots and many more. it is fun to me.

Well, in the training center, i am the best Flash user but the worst in drawing. Hehehe... Other trainees uses the tablet to draw out the character and also background, but i am using the table to use as a mouse to use lines and shapes to draw and model the character and background... hahaha...

but my work is almost the same as the others who using pure drawing. of course i am much more slower than them. They finish 10 characters, i only finish 1 character... haha... slow poke =P

The place that i sit is freaking cold like inside a freezer. If i am not mistaken, it is more cold than Auditorium 1/2 in APIIT. Today i cant stand the cold and walk out from the office to get some heat. I cant believe that i have to do that to survive in Rocket Fish.

Anyway, if i have the chance, i will post pictures of my sitting place to show u guys =)

P/S: Coming soon - Once i have learn all the animation from Rocket Fish Studios, i will make this blog a Flash animation blog. Cool huh! so, stay tune. (my training ends at 15th Feb 2008)
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