Wednesday, January 2, 2008

1st day of year 2008

before i walk about the 1st day of the year, i wanted to talk about the night of the year 2007...

How do i celebrate my birthday at the night and also celebrate new year?
Well. it is as usual, my parents will bring me out for a fancy dinner. I think my dad took out some extra cash if i wanted to eat something expensive like western or sushi. When my dad asked me what do i want to eat for my b'day? i've said something that shocked my parents... I said that i wanted to eat "Bak-Kut-Teh" (herb pork soup that goes with rice - chinese food). My dad asked me a few times that if i really wanted to eat bak-kut-teh and not other food. i said yes and then we start to look for bak-kut-teh shop... hahaha.
that is how i celebrate my b'day.

as for new year...
me and my parents went to the temple for new year blessings. we went to the temple at 11pm and leaves the temple at 1:30am. that is how i celebrate new year.
I actually spend most of my new year's celebration in temple. if i am not mistaken, i started to celebrate new year in temple since 12 years old... and only missed 2 years that i didnt go which is my 20th and 21st b'day.
well, it is actually good because i am going for a total new challenge. no more study but work... oh wow... i heard working world are sucks. Face The Challenge! RoaR!~

1st Jan 2008...
i was cleaning the gate to get it ready for painting it. it was 3pm afternoon and my grandfather asked me where is my sister? i said i dont know because she left last year(31st dec 2007) and still haven't come home. after i finish that word only she came back =.= what a coincidence. and when she is trying to park her car beside mine, i've said to my grandfather, if she hits my car, i am gonna make her pay for that... and with 2 witnesses she hits my car =.= i was like "WTF!!! My CAR!!!" she hits my car's bumper and i saw the whole car moves a little to the front. lucky no damage, just a little scratch on my bumper and my sister car's bumper. My sister is only driving a Kancil and she cant judge the distance =.= what a terrible driver. i think she needs a smaller car which have to be specially design for her =.=".
What a bad start of year 2008.
Hope that it will be better for the rest of the year.

Happy New Year~
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