Friday, November 23, 2007

Oh Shit!

Oh Shit! Cham Hui will be going back to Johor really soon bcoz APIIT kicked him out from the accommodation that he rented. Anyway, now he is staying with Kai Jun in the same room. No one wants to know what they do at night =D

Well, we went to Berjaya Times Square on Tuesday to celebrate that our year in APIIT has ended and also Cham Hui and Kai Jun's farewell. We had our dinner in Hartz Chicken Buffet and i am now have chicken phobia X_X I think i wont be eating chicken for 1 month or so...

We start our dinner at 7 but the main guest reached at 8+ and we eat until they closed on 10PM... Yes, we are that hungry... hahaha. We eat, chat and laugh our lungs out. I think they put alcohol on the food because we start to talk lots of craps and nonsense as like we are drunk. I drunk too... this is my masterpiece in Hartz Chicken Buffet (i shit on their table)

haha... just kidding, it is actually a chocolate ice cream.

We took a group picture in BTS where every shop is closed. it is hard to find people to take the picture for us until we met 2 middle east lady to help us to take the picture.

(Taken from William's Blog. [])
(Pic L-R: Me, Cham Hui, Heng Soon, Chee Jian, Kai Joon, Jer Ming, Kevin Long and William)
After we took the group picture, Cham Hui suggest to take all of out foot and william refuse it because he said that we are not on the beach with sandy ground. and all of us agree with william that it was a stupid idea. Then i suggest why dont we take a picture of our hands? it is different, and no body do that. but all dont agree. And finally Kevin Long said. "Hey! why dont we take off our pants, show our butts in circle and we take a pic of all our butts?" All of us stunned and laugh out lungs out and confirm that Kevin is GAY!. He just wants to keep the picture of all our butts and see it when he cant sleep. hahaha. That was the joke of the day man...

it was a fun night. its been a long time that all of us sitting together and laugh our lungs out. after we dismiss, we stand outside BTS and chat. Kevin took a life when he is too hype about all the jokes. Well it is a Snail's life. Kinda pity the snail though. He was just passing by and got crush by Kevin. Not long after that, another snail showed up and trying to revenge for his friend.

unfortunately, the snail took 30 minutes to crawl to kevin. it was just an inch left to reach kevin but we left the place and that snail cant revenge for his friend.

Anyway. Good Luck to all for finding the jobs that you like. I am gonna ganbatte myself too...


Chris said...

Hie, i thing you guys are cool! I really the current mood thingy! It kick ass! =)

Noob Yat Heng said...

wei the snails is ur brother? when u become the race of insect,haha

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