Saturday, November 17, 2007

APIIT AOCC is closing

I heard this news from William. He said that AOCC will be closing down because APIIT introduce a new "thingy" called Learnafinity and all the slides and stuffs in digital dropbox will not be transfer to Learnafinity. That means APIIT is abandon us and let us survive alone without their slides. If you do not want that to be happen, BACK UP YOUR SLIDES AND STUFFS IN AOCC NOW!
Note: they might closed it either this sunday (tomorrow) or end of November.


Stephen of ibelin said...

Good Luck Dude, Remember to be confident about your stuff.

From a Fellow apiitian

Sebastian Chan said...

Hehehe... Thanks dude...
Good Luck to u in APIIT... I am Leaving APIIT already... =P

no more class in APIIT and i will be going to a more sucky world called Working World.

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